About the Bouquet Theme Challenge

In my spare time, I tend to troll Pinterest for inspiration ideas. And I started to notice- hey these are all very beautiful but... very classic. I wanted to try something fun. I logged onto facebook and asked my friends and family for theme ideas for a weekly bouquet challenge. They'd tell me a theme, I'd design a bouquet around it. 


It's a lot harder than you think. 


Week One- June 17th

Firefly (The TV Show)

Now I don't know if you know, but asking people out of the blue to give you a theme usually results in a TV Show or Movie. 

This time was no different. 

I declared that I would create a bouquet that day but I couldn't run to my wholesaler for any real flowers (because nothing says dedicated and rash like promising a bouquet at 4pm!) because they were closed. I did however, have options. I had been contemplating designing bouquets to sell online for my etsy shop (www.finevinenursery.etsy.com) using sola flowers, succulents, and dried/preserved flowers but kept getting creative blocks. So since firefly is a space western, I figured they wouldn't have any access to fresh flowers much any way and dug through my stockpile. 




Using Sola Wood Flowers and Preserved Flowers

Annnnddd since I'm such a nerd- I decided to set design. The pocket watch in the corner actually does have the ship, Serenity, from the show on it (as I got it from a lootcrate). 

Next week: Unicorn. 

Week Two: June 24th

Theme: Unicorn!

Well this weekend I just came down with a cold because of course I did. Late on the 23rd, I remembered that I had committed myself to this but yet again, my wholesalers were closed for the weekend. (I swear I get better at this!) 

So out I rush to the nearest Whole Foods! Because their floral department is the best. Annnnd I happened to be on my way to a friend's house that lived nearby. Hey, I may be sick but I'm not going to turn down a beach bonfire later that night! 

I grabbed a few things- I admit.... I am not the most creative at the height of a cold. 



Using Peony, Roses, Hydrangea, Lisianthus, Ferns, and Eryginum

I couldn't even find the glitter I bought specifically for this bouquet! So I dusted it with a light pink eye shimmer. Which did not show up well on camera. But I promise you- it was shiny. So shiny. 

Forgive me. I'm ill.

Next week: Art Deco!

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